Virtualization Services

Virtualization helps IT managers to reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) significantly and to provide a fine solution to optimize the utilization of IT infrastructure.

Embracing the Virtualization technologies is emerging as a challenge for IT managers and the companies.

Citrix, Hyper-V, and Vmware are the significant back end players to provision virtualization and cloud technologies to all Datacentre deployments and enterprise classes. Vmware employs the proprietary hypervisor known as ESX. Whereas Citrix uses the popular Xen hypervisor and Microsoft employs Hyper-V.

We render support right from the initial stages of Virtual containers configuration to installation and management of Operating System. We aid in enterprise virtualization of applications like Exchange, Oracle, Sharepoint, SQL Server, etc, and delivering top performance and High SLAs.


We give complete support to configure, manage, and troubleshoot virtual environments operating on VMware.

Our team specializes in ESX, ESXi, and vSphere; manages and watches the virtual/hardware nodes in a spontaneous way to ensure maximum availability for the services round the clock.


Dolphin24x7 offers technical support and we help you install a variety Citrix Solutions. They are listed below:

Citrix XenApp:

It is a member of the product family of Citrix Delivery Centre, is inclusive of all the stages of Windows application delivery system; it provides server-side as well as client-side application virtualization, to obtain optimal performance and adaptable delivery options.

Citrix XenServer Server Virtualization:

This is one of the most effective and simplest ways of virtualizing servers and delivering dynamic data centers. These centers are a responsive to the dynamic demands of business. On using this server, companies will be able to deploy high-performing virtual machines easily and rapidly. They can also handle these virtual machines easily, the storage related to them, and the networking resources from a single user-friendly management console.

Citrix XenDesktop Desktop Virtualization:

This is a total desktop virtualization solution which enables simple, cost-effective, and secure delivery of desktop. This is the best way to deliver the Windows desktops swiftly to office workers present in any location on any network.

MS Hyper V

Microsoft Hyper-V has the codename Viridian. It was formerly called Windows Server Virtualization. This virtualization system is based on the hypervisor for x86-64 systems. Microsoft Hyper-V renders a dependable virtualization platform which lets the clients to virtualize their infrastructure and also resuce costs.

Our team of experts is experienced in creating virtual dynamic datacenters using MS Hyper-V on Windows Server 2008 R2.


Proxmox VE is similar to VMWare ESX. It is a “bare metal” virtualization environment. Proxmox gives entire system virtualization through KVM and has the ability to handle an entire group of machines, offline and live migrations, and provides unrestricted entry to the underlying systems. The management interface for this runs on a normal browser. It incorporates a “Cluster mode”; this enables management of multiple servers from a single web page. Hence, in a management page, all the virtual machines managed, all the hosts, and the migrations between machines can be found.

Lastly, it is amazing that the Proxmox is just one Debian Linux system under cover. You get unrestricted access to the system which includes shell access and be able to do monitoring and management.

Solaris Zones

Solaris Zone is a virtual OS abstraction; it provides a secured environment in which the applications operate. The applications are safeguarded from one another in order to deliver software fault separation. Zones coexist inside one OS instance and are managed as a single entity in order to facilitate the work of managing multiple applications and the environments.

Zones render a new isolation technique for Solaris operating system. This is flexible, secure, lightweight, and scalable: vir4tualized operating system services that seem like different instances. Along with the already existing Resource Management framework, Zones form the base for Solaris Containers.

Oracle Virtualbox

Oracle VirtualBox is one extremely feature filled, powerful and high performing product for the enterprise customers. It is the only professional solution which is freely accessible as an Open Source Software under the terms of version 2: GNU General Public License (GPL).

Currently VirtualBox operates on Linux, Windows, Solaris, and Macintosh hosts. It also supports a huge number of guest OS such as Windows (NT 4.0,2000, Server 2003, XP, Vista, Windows &), Windows3.x/DOS, Linux(2.4 and 2.6), Open Solaris and Solaris, Open BSD and OS/2.

Parallels Virtuozzo

Parallels Virtuozzo Containers is the leading Operating System Virtualization Solution in the world. It creates containers isolated on a single server and OS instance. When Parallels Virtuaozzo is compared with other virtualization technologies, it provides the highest levels of performance, manageability, and density.

This is an OS virtualization that allows you to increase your investment in the existing hardware (server). This also renders 2X-3X more virtual servers when compared to hypervisor solutions by giving greater infrastructure utilization

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing will come to the light if only you think of the usual IT needs: add capabilities during progress without investing on new infrastructure or a method to increase capacity, training new people, and/or licensing new software. Cloud computing covers any pay-per-use of subscription based services which in real time extends the existing capabilities of IT over the internet.

Cloud based applications can be up and operating in weeks or even days at very low costs. Using a cloud app, all you need to do is just open one browser, log on, modify the app according to your requirements and start using it.

Dolphin24x7 renders support for cloud based services that are offered by GoGrid & Rackspace and Amazon as stated below:

  • Amazon VPC
  • Amazon EC2
  • Amazon Cloudwatch (Monitoring Services)
  • Amazon S3 (Storage Services)
  • Amazon RDS (Database Services)
  • Rackspace Cloud Servers
  • GoGrid Cloud Servers
  • Seco Cloud backup services
  • Jungledisk backup services


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