RIM Services

Monitoring and Support

Dolphin24x7’s Remote Server Monitoring Services aim to deliver certain aspects like Website, Mail/ Web/ FTP Server, networl setup, firewall, DNS, Database, and any TCP/ IP Port. We take all the necessary actions to safeguard your server from server load spike and DDOS attack and some other services like

  • Instant Service Restart
  • Critical Service Monitor
  • Immediate Escalation To DataCenter
  • Instant Server Reboot
  • Guaranteed Uptime
IT Outsourcing for Small & Medium Enterprises

Small and Medium Enterprises time and again face trouble in resolving their IT issues, mainly because of 2 reasons:

  • High IT Outsourcing costs
  • Inadequate resources to employ a dedicated team for IT

Dolphin 24x7 is a solution to all your IT related problems. We render cost efficient and impeccable solutions to the SMEs. We do understand the IT requirements and needs of SMEs and thereby provide them with IT and Server support solutions which help them achieve a growth in business.

From remote control, server and desktop support, backup and archiving, disaster recovery, IT consultancy, Infrastructure Security for networks and VOIP telephony to windows mobile email, we take all the possible efforts to resolve the SMEs’ IT related troubles. This way they grow exceptionally and without fail.

Web Hosting Support

We provide 24/7 tech support for web hosting companies across the world and we have been in the business for over 5 years now. Besides providing technical support to the clients, we also provide assistance in planning and implementing new technologies and systems. We are very serious about business; which is why our clients rely on us to handle their web hosting services and servers.

We render our service and support for Plesk, Helm, cPanel/ WHM, Virtualmin, Hsphere, Ensim, Cloudmin, Solus, Hyper VM, Hosting Controller, and much more with any ticket system of your choice. We mainly focus on Server Monitoring for Hosting Companies, Remote Server Administration, Data Centres and anybody who wants to keep their server online and secure.

Helpdesk Support

We offer some of the simplest plans for outsourced server support. Ticket support via email or on your helpdesk will be provided under these plans. We attend to the problems faced by the clients based on the tickets receives on your helpdesk; this means all your clients can make use of the support facility.

Infrastructure Management

We cater effective and comprehensive solutions which help you to concentrate on your business whilst we handle your IT infrastructure. We have end-to-end proven methodologies, standard tools, and Quality Assurance techniques at hand to face all your IT challenges. Some of our services are Network Management, Server Management, Server Security, Server Monitoring, Consultation- Designing IT infrastructure, Application Management, etc.

We provide 24x7 supports to ensure higher availability of resources to serve you. Server audits based on CIS standards held in a timely fashion will make sure that your applications and server are security breaches free. The strategies and methods we implement for the same will save your data and keep it available for retrieval at any point in time.

Server & Desktop Management

Server uptime is very important to IT companies. To make certain that the companies get the best uptime, monitoring the server 24x7 to provide reactive support coupled with proactive support is a necessity. The remote server management plans we have in place for Windows & Linux Server Administration cover various facets like server security optimization, hardening; proactive task such as monthly audits to make sure that your servers get the best uptime.

Our plans for 24/7 server administration offer solutions to handle Windows and Linux servers- with or without control panel spontaneously.

Managed Backups

Why should you not try Dolphin 24x7’s support to manage remote backups in lieu of a local backup drive? Our backup solutions for online let you provide flawless services to you and your clients. Our backup solutions use the first-class software and hardware to make certain that all your data are always secured and available.

Based on the criticality of the data on the servers and your needs, we will provide backup strategies and make sure that the plans are implemented properly.

Small Business Server Management

Dolphin 24x7 has expert engineers in “Microsoft Small Business Server Deployments.” With the help of our business servers, we endeavor to meet the requirements of network infrastructure of small businesses efficiently; to ensure that their business succeeds with exponential profit and growth.

These small business servers are a set of integrated servers especially designed for operating network infrastructure- internet access and intranet management of small & medium enterprises with nothing exceeding 75 users/ workstations. These are used effectively to satisfy the IT needs of small business and cut costs as well.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM renders the resources and tools that your organization requires to create and maintain the customers’ record right from the first contact through purchase and post sales. With various elements for marketing, sales and customer service, Dynamics CRM will deliver flexible, on demand and affordable solutions that provide measurable and consistent improvements in all the business processes. This will enable close relationship with clients and aid in achieving new profitability levels.

We support configuration, installation, management, and troubleshooting of Microsoft Dynamics CRM environment.

Microsoft Share Point Services

Any productive or good organization is an end result of joint effort of its teams. In order to perform well, a team must communicate, share ideas, coordinate schedules, etc with every individual of the team. This can be done efficiently when the team is given a common and shareable platform to work for all the team members. This needs Share Point Services.

It is basically a collaborative tool used online for businesses/resources to share their knowledge, documents, and to administer all important information. Share Point Services provides a single point where the company staff can work together on projects, access the resources, share ideas and eventually help to enhance productivity.

We support in configuration, installation, management, and troubleshooting of Sharepoint Environment. We have the expertise in configuration and management of Sharepoint Farms.

Server Security & Hardening

Dolphin24x7’s vigorous Server Auditing and Server Security for remote and co-location server measures will go about reducing the exposure to hackers, security breaches and threats. We have an expert team exclusively for server security

Some of Server Security tasks are:

  • Installing & Configuring Mod_security
  • SSH hardening
  • Installing Anti-root kit software
  • Installing OS updates
  • User/Password security
  • Exim, Qmail and Sendmail tweaks
  • Installing & Configuring Mod_evasive
  • Firewall/Brute Force Detection Tool installation & Configuration [APF/BFD]
  • Applying patches to server software to avoid any eventualities
  • Kernel upgrades including grsecurity
  • Sysctl security and configuration
  • PHP security audit
  • Apache, MySQL, Control Panel tweaks
  • Anti-spam/anti-virus software installations
Server Audit

Our Security Auditing Tasks are:

  • Applying Security Patches
  • Periodic Security Audits
  • Finding Software glitches
  • Kernal Updates
  • OS Updates
  • Finding and removing root kits
  • Control Panel Updates
Outsourced Phone support

In this age, it isn’t unusual, when you call a company and call is immediately redirected to an automated voice through call centre- a computerized voice message to navigate the caller through a business’ phone system.

As a matter of fact, we are accustomed to hearing an automated voice, that we get startled if we hear an actual person talk.

Dolphin24x7’s contact centre renders opportunities for your clients to get in touch and improve the relationship with you by our round the clock phone services for 365 days.

Customer Services Support

Customer Care is the only means through which customers get supported before, during, and after a purchase. The importance of Customer Care varies depending on industry, customer, and product. We provide support for Offshore Customer care, Order taking, Inbound Call Support, Pre and Post Sales, and Customer Relationship, etc

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